30 days has September

31 Aug
Clouds over Mono Lake
Hi there.
I’m Kirstin.
I live in Los Angeles.
I’m twenty-seven years old.

During the month of September I will be blogging here Monday through Friday to document my month-long journey to redefine my daily routine and embark upon a little self-reflection.

My goals for September 2010

  • Exercises 5 days a week.
  • Spend less, save more. Buy only the essentials. No impulse buying.
  • Get more sleep. Institute a consistent bed time and wake up schedule, and stick to it.
  • Go on a date with myself each week.
  • Watch less TV, no more than an hour a day.
  • Limit my caffeine and sugar intake.

*I will ultimately add to this list, but not remove from it.

Let’s be honest, the likely hood of eliminating my bad habits in one month is impossible. So, that’s not my goal. Simply, I’d like to remember what it feels like to not be exhausted every day, and save a little more of my hard earned dinero. At the very least, I will have written 23 blog posts.

Nice to meet you , and thank you for reading.

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